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Online Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to marketing strategies, are your clients only maintaining status quo and hoping for the best? Or are you helping them plan for explosive sales this year through an effective, organized marketing campaign using a blend of online and mobile marketing strategies?

Offer your clients more with our strategy-driven services. Build a strong client retention by providing them the services they need, and get paid doing it.

Get eWired uses a highly effective blend of Website Development, Social Media Marketing, and Reputation Management to get paying customers to your clients business. We are strategy driven and want to work to get your clients in front of their target market across multiple platforms they are already using.


We Do The Work, You Get Paid!

Offer your clients the marketing tools they are already looking for, then sit back and watch us work our magic.


A good website should generate a reaction while still expanding the brand identity and enabling functionality for its users. We build all of our websites with Mobile, Social, and Local SEO in mind. Our goal goes beyond making a site look good. It should be a traffic and lead generator and in the end a money maker.

Social Media

It’s no longer enough to simply have a Facebook page, your client needs a social identity. Our job at Get eWired is to brand your client correctly and effectively while managing their online reputation. We work to connect with their Target Market on the platforms they are already using on the issues that are important to them. We build relationships and give your clients brand value.

Reputation Management

Having your client’s customers sell for them seems too good to be true: but that’s what online reviews are all about! When customers rave about your client online, it becomes easy to attract new customers and clients. We make it easy to solicit, encourage, and reward customers for writing online reviews while promoting them to a wider audience on social media, review websites, search engines and even their own.

The Value of Online Marketing

Online Marketing has become the fastest growing way to advertise and reach potential customers. As a graphic designer or marketing agency you know the power of online marketing. We want to empower you to offer your clients all the different tools needed to grow their business.

Increase your retention rate with your clients and get more by offering them the services they’re already looking for. You’ll be the point of contact for your clients and we’ll be behind the scenes working our mojo.  We’ve worked with both local business owners and e-commerce business owners to build their online presence, improve their marketing reach and get reviews from current clients in order to increase their marketing ROI.

Mobile Apps

The mobile industry is experiencing record growth, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The technology and progress made in the mobile world over the past decade is incredible, and there will be even more to come. With 82% of small business owners relying on customer loyalty as their main source of business growth, mobile apps are perfect for increasing customer loyalty!
These custom designed apps have features that businesses decide on and Get eWired does the rest by creating, editing, and managing the mobile app specialized for the iPhone, iPad, or Android. These apps are perfect for any type of business looking to offer services via any mobile device. It’s a great product that many businesses are looking for but didn’t think they could afford. Many people are shocked to know how affordable our apps really are.


Your business is unique. Your website is the opportunity to showcase your personality and highlight what sets you apart from the competition, potentially the most powerful sales & marketing tool you have for your business. Think of it as an interactive brochure to convert visitors into customers. It’s an extension of your brand & an example of the quality of work you do.


Websites can be confusing. Visitors are not sure where to click or how to find information. The art and science of making websites easy to understand is called “usability.” Good usability combines:

  • Placement and prominence of conversion elements
  • Navigation labels and page hierarchy
  • Integration of features

Website visitors should have a frictionless experience. The information a visitor is looking to find on your website should be readily available.

Text Message Marketing

It’s time to get your business out of its slump by finding innovative ways to reach your customer base utilizing text messaging. Send important text alerts, news, and promotions resulting in huge and immediate response rates that greatly surpass email marketing alone.

Text Message Marketing

This generation of tech-savvy customers wants a close relationship with organizations that utilize the latest in multi-channel communication. When customers text your specific keyword, we’ll add them to your marketing list and automatically text back a fully customizable response. You can send important text alerts, news, and promotions resulting in immediate responses from your customers. At only pennies per text, SMS marketing is not only the most effective form of communication, it’s also the most affordable.

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